Hello, here are the commands for xCPPS! Along with a few swell examples!

!JR - Teleports you to a different room. Ex.) !JR 420 <- Teleports you to Rockhopper's ship.

!AI - Adds items. Ex.) !AI 106 <- Black mask. * For item ID's click here .*

!AC - Adds coins to your account. Ex.) !AC 5000 Is max

!PIN - Changes your pin into any item. Ex.) !PIN 106 <- That will give you the black mask as your pin.

!PING - This command test your connection. If the bot replies with the word "Pong" then you are connected.

!AF - Adds furniture to your igloo inventory. Ex.) 100 <- Adds the moose head to your igloo inventory.

!IGLOO - Changes your igloo type. Ex.) !IGLOO 10 <- Changes to basic igloo.

!ID - Displays your ID. Your ID is the number account you are.

!Cotton - A special command that turns you into one of Alex's (one of the creators) workers. This command gives you the red shovel and navy blue automatically.

Mod commands:

!BAN - Bans player forever until unbanned by a staff member. Ex.) !BAN (Username)

!KICK - Kicks a player from the server. Ex.) !KICK (Username)

!UP - Changes player into mascot. Ex.) !UP RH <- Turns you into Rockhopper.

!NC - Changes your player name. This is server sided. Ex.) !NC Cadence <- Changes your player name into Cadence.

the !ac is not a scam thay say it is but its not!

If you have any comments, feel free to post below! We love hearing from you! :D

 - RegalOfTheAnonymous 04:32, February 23, 2011 (UTC)