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Hello, curious about this up-and-running CPPS? You're in the right place! xCPPS was created an founded by the three main owners; Syko, Stanley, and Alex. As of the beginning of 2011 they started working on this CPPS. And, it seems to be worth it! They have 50,000+ users since they opened. And, after watching this CPPS quite closely, I'd have to say myself; It won't be going anywhere for a while! xCPPS has an amazing staff! They're stable, and know what they're doing. It takes a lot to get a possition like the staff of xCPPS, but, it's worth it! One moderator says:

"It's not all fun and games being a moderator. It's hard work. Having to keep people from breaking rules all the time! But, it can be fun. Anybody has a chance of earning moderator! They just have to earn it!"

xCPPS for started out as being in it for the money. Which they earned from adsense. When one clicks an ad on their site, it hooks up to their Paypal. But, afterwards. It turned into a hobby! Coming out with more and more! Mixing room SWF's, editing custom items, custom rooms. Much more! I wouldn't hesitate at all to join this amazing CPPS created by Syko, Stanley, and Alex. As, it seems they put a lot of effort into it!

Links you'll need just to enjoy this amazing site (which you should while you still can!):


Web client


Main page

We hope you enjoy this wiki! Feel free to explore more; as new articles will be added daily. Only to keep you up to date with the most officient CPPS's!

                                                              - RegalOfTheAnonymous 03:31, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

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