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Well, we knew it would happen at some point! When it finally dawns onto the player's head: What about Disney?

Well, Disney does have a very strict policy of C&D (cease and desist). If you want an exact definition, that isn't from a minor's point of view; here you are:

A cease and desist (also called C & D) is an order or request to halt an activity, or else face legal action. The recipient of the cease-and-desist may be an individual or an organization.

In cases like these, the organization (Club Penguin) against the running of the CPPS. Have the legal rights to halt on the program at any given point. Or, being forced to take legal action. People that play the CPPS wouldn't have any effect on the C&D. For, it would be whose names are on it.

In late 2010, a very popular CPPS that started all of it came to an end. Formally known as iCPv3. It was not the first of this kind. Just the most popular. It got a C&D from Disney that was to say they shut down all operations having to do with their private server. Or, legal action would be taken.

Well, after the threatning e-mail. And the removal of iCPv3, thinking the C&D was real; they later found out. It had been a fake e-mail. But, the cancelation of iCPv3 didn't stop anybody from learning hwo to make their own. For after 3 months, a CPPS that had been planning on taking affect came into order. Known as Penguin Safari. They had the same issue, fake e-mails. And, their staff was too unstabled to handle a project such as hosting a game like this.

I think you get the point. Legal action can be taken. But, it's nothing you need to worry about. If you're planning on making your own CPPS on the other hand, I'd suggest contacting Disney legal first. I woul provide you with a shortlink, but, I don't actually know it. If you happen to figure it out. Send me a message?

                                                  RegalOfTheAnonymous 03:46, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

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