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There has been quite the debate on wether or not CPPS's are actually a "virus" or not. And, that can be answered here very easily! Well, all CPPS's have their differences. Depending on the purpose for making a CPPS. It's a matter if you trust it or not. If you don't trust it; don't download it. I haven't downloaded any CPPS's over my time that happened to be any harm to me or my computer. So, you should be okay. But, this isn't me saying you can go all over downloading CPPS's. No, that would be incorrect! Signs of a possible harm could be them trying very hard to get you to download their program. Not always, if they have a low self-esteem. But, if they're pushing you to download. Best chances are, don't. If they have put a lot of effort into this. And, you can see it as well. Then, it probably isn't. 99.9% of the time, it will not be any harm to you. Of course, some of you wouldn't believe a stranger over a silly Wiki article! But, believe me when I say. Virus scans do NOT always tell the complete truth. The program on what CPPS's are mad of; is depending on how the virus scanner reads it. It will most lkely read it has Win32. If it's anything other than Malwar. I would suggest not downloading. But, do not worry! For, there is a solution if you still won't to play your beloved game, and still have cold-feet about it. You can simpliy ask the owner/creator to make a web client. Web clients are such as Club Penguin. No download needed. Just over the web. Servers it the name "WEB client". So, it's always up to you. There is no direct "yes-no" answer to a question such as this. Just as a matter of trust.

                                                                          - RegalOfTheAnonymous 03:13, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

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